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“Teaching is that supreme art that awakens joy in creative expression and knowledge.” School play a major inflential role in shaping the lives of children .School now need to cater
to the emotional as well as academic needs of its pupils. A good school has its foundations laid on tree strengths the teachers students and their parents.Teachers here strive to be observant , impartial pleasing and at the same time authentic, relevant and engaging in spite of several challenges, The Teachers here are encouraged to introduce new Teaching -Learning Methods in the curriculum..



Times have changed with the intervention of technology. students need to ensure that the Technological services are in no way misused and they donot fall prey to its vices. The students thus need to engage themselves constructively in the varrios co-and extra-curricular activities. It will help them develop poise and confidence. parents too play a pivotal role in the teaching -Learning Process the home Should be an extension of the school .The tasks at school need to be reinfoced at home . Rote learning must be discouraged . The Values learn at school must be practiced at home .

The students seeh the moral support of their parents in all these aspects. as an aspiring education ,
I reack out to all in persevering for the betterment of the young minds seeking your co-operation co-ordination and peaceful co-existence.
Tanusree Roy Principal



Learning is a continuous process which adds to the growth of the individual . One should never stop learning because growth stops  when learning stops.


  • Give children an opportunity¬† to express themselves clearly and precisely.
  • From knowledgeable opinions , Progressive mindsets and positive behaviour Patterns
  • Aspire for smooth and easy transference of knowledge.
  • Understand usage of gained knowledge , find interest and thus excel in the various subjects
  • Enable students to stimulate their innovativeness and inclinations, navigate themselves and venture into new domains

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