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EchoStation is a highly-configurable, fully-functional, software-based, all-in-one repeater which is easy to operate and requires no hardware modifications.
EchoStation’s advanced and intuitive graphical interface is optimized for Windows 95 and Windows NT, but can be easily adapted to any Windows-based computer.
EchoStation supports amateur radio DXCC, D-STAR, JT-DC, NIBOC, P25, and AMTOR.
EchoStation can be purchased for $250 plus shipping and handling.  You may order the code and complete documentation on-line by clicking the links below.

…In addition to the major features, the features list includes:

• Can serve as an announcement player (holds announcements in memory, plays announcements from your radio on a different repeater using the computer, the UHF/VHF radio, or a phone line)
• User-friendly ECHO Station window and Main Menu
• User-configurable easy-to-use ANT and D-STAR menus, allowing you to choose the frequency ranges and modes
• User-configurable and user-selectable D-STAR and DMR Call Groupings
• User-configurable and user-selectable Echostations can be setup as master or slave, which is useful in two-way communication
• User-configurable Echostations can be setup to connect to the repeater via telephony (SIP and VOIP phone, POTS lines, or cell phone)
• User-configurable, user-selectable Programmable Over-the-Air (OTA) Control of repeaters and antennas
• User-configurable, user-selectable Echostations can be setup as a Master or Slave, so you can control the repeater from any other computer (either Macintosh or Windows) or a connected phone
• User-configurable and user-selectable Echostations can receive text messages on their Echostations via the Anrdroid/Linux/PSTN/VOIP based Phone modules or phone lines
• Supports a wide range of modulation types (AM, FM, AMTOR, D-STAR, JT-DC, NIBOC, P25)
• Supports a wide range of bands (30m-10m, 20m-15m, 15m-10m, 10m-6m, 6m-3m, 3m-1m)

EchoStation Crack Free Download X64

EchoStation Crack is a repeater control program for Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows ME and Windows 2000, as well as Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Vista.
EchoStation features a graphical repeater control interface with which it is easy to set up a repeater. You can easily set the transceiver and radio control settings for a repeater to your own preferences.
You can quickly create complete PC based audio repeaters by connecting a microphone, headset, telephone, or a speaker to the sound card and providing an address for the appropriate transceiver.
EchoStation also makes it easy to set up a store and forward simplex repeater, which will play announcements from a remote location on your club’s existing repeater system.
EchoStation can be used to automate the transmission of selected items to any number of transceivers by routing them to the appropriate transceiver with the ON/OFF control. EchoStation is fully customizable so you can easily change the sound file or text for your messages.
EchoStation features:
Fully-configurable Windows based repeater control and program.
Auto save to disk when transmitting.
Over 1000 controls and displays.
Built-in direct connect feature.
Play a repeat message with one key press of a key on your keyboard.
Prevent unwanted transmit for a certain duration of time.
Skip a repeat message for a certain duration of time.
Display the number of transmissions when talking or the number of times the repeater has been turned on when in auto.
Display all repeaters in your program.
Transmit in the time slot used for the original message.
Works in real time and interrupts the processing of other programs.
Two choice for outputting messages.
Allows you to keep a “dictionary” of the most frequent messages you want to keep repeating, so that you don’t have to type them out each time.
Channels from 100-1250 are supported
Two modes of operation: “global mode” and “repeater mode”
Easy and fast to use.
Support for:
Ford NX-800
Ford DX-A
Hammarlund HS-2000
Keyboard-Mouse Control
Computer Microphones (Microphones which have an internal audio input and output port)
X10 Keypad
You can also setup repeaters by using a modem with an RS-232 port

EchoStation [Latest] 2022

EchoStation allows you to set up your own amateur radio repeater with ease.   It has been designed with amateur radio enthusiasts in mind, and tries to make it easy for non-technical operators to build a repeater.
EchoStation is a Windows program, and can be used with both Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista.  However, it does have some limitations for Windows Vista, including “suggested minimum system requirements”.  This is likely related to lack of a COM API driver available for Vista.
EchoStation provides a set of buttons to operate the repeater through the software.   These include an “Operate” button which calls the software to start a repeater, and an “Exit” button which closes the repeater.   In addition, there are three “Announce” buttons which can be used to provide the current repeater operating state (on or off), as well as music or voice announcements, or both, from another computer.  The announcements, and the music, are programmed to be played back as soon as the announcements key is pressed, or the “Announce On” button is pressed.  An Announce On button is also provided to pause or cancel announcements.
Program Design:
EchoStation is designed to work with Windows XP or Windows Vista, with Microsoft DirectX 9.0 and the DirectX audio device.
The user interface is written using the Microsoft Windows UI framework, and contains some features similar to the Microsoft Windows XP system tray.   The “Status Bar” at the bottom of the window is used to display information to the user about the current state of the repeater, including whether it is transmitting, is paused, or is a DTMF generator, as well as the buttons to operate the repeater.
The program is quite easy to understand, and even easy to learn to use.   It makes use of the Windows XP icon tray, which makes it quite easy to start and stop the repeater.  It also allows the user to “customize” the icon to display the information about the repeater they want to show.  For example, in the repeater, the user can click the buttons to provide the current operating state of the repeater.  The program will display the state as the icon is pressed.
All announcements, music and music notes, which will be played by the repeater, are programmed to be played using a Windows “repeater DTMF” tone generator.
Audio and MIDI format notes can be played, as

What’s New in the?

EchoStation is a repeater-control program for Windows which makes it easy to set up a complete, fully-functional repeater or “announcement machine” using a personal computer.
EchoStation is perfect for portable and emergency use, or for clubs wishing to use a PC instead of specialized hardware to control a repeater.   It also makes an excellent “store and forward” simplex repeater when connected to a single transceiver.
The software even lets you set up an “announcement machine” which plays scheduled voice announcements over your club’s existing repeater, using a radio at another location, such as a home station.

It is recommended that you obtain a copy of the latest version of the program. The program is self-installing but will require registration before use.
It can be downloaded free of charge from the manufacturer’s web site:

Program features:
– Setup Wizard (3 – 30 minutes) – guides you through the installation of the program, using step-by-step instructions to help you set up all of the features of the program
– Audio controls – power your speaker or monitor, turn on the voice announcements, manually tune and program the repeater
– Advanced Controls – features a large list of advanced controls that allows the operator to monitor and control all aspects of the repeater from a single window
– Flexibility – multiple user accounts available
– Report Server – the program can also be used to form a multi-station, stand-alone “report server” to transfer announcements to one or more different stations.
– Display modes – both the repeater and the announced speaker can be displayed separately in full screen mode.
– MP3 import – MP3 files can be imported for playback during an announcement.
– Voice recording – the software will automatically save the audio files of all announcements and will automatically save the current frequency and make the announcements available for playback during future use of the software.
– Schedule Announcements – a scheduler can be set to play announcements from either a text or MP3 file
– Announcements can be set up to automatically repeat themselves at a specified frequency
– Password protection – you can protect your repeater with a password which will prevent unauthorized users from accessing the repeater
– Custom Page Builder – the software can be configured to create unique pages with unique controls
– Secure Server – you can set up an encrypted, password-protected, web server and use the same port number for both the server and the repeater
– User Group Membership – allows different user groups to access and operate the software and its settings
– Reputation Manager – allows you to easily block users from accessing the software
– File Rename / Delete – ability to

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